Do you feel totally and utterly stuck in your work and in your life?

Confused by how and when you got so lost?

Do you know that something is not working in your life, but you have no idea what it is or where to start?

Did you make a resolution on Jan 1st to “figure it out” this year? (And, the same one last year?! And the year before?)

Do you feel like you need to “spring clean”… EVERYTHING?

Seriously, like you need the Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up your whole entire LIFE?


If you’re asking WTF Am I doing with my life?, I have three bits of great news for you!

(because it is always 3, right?!)


You can relax. I Got You. You Are exactly where you are supposed to be.


It is possible for YOU to love your work and your life…and it’s closer than you think.


And you can commit to this RIGHT NOW! Fall 2018. Boom. 

We’re about to launch the next cohort of my online course 

WTF Am I Doing With My Life?, an 8-week course for underfulfilled overachievers, 

and this is the perfect time to stop trying so hard to “keep it all together” and start living a life you love.


THE DEETS: 8 weeks. Spring 2019.

*Weekly recorded video lessons to watch at your own pace

*Workbooks and exercises and tools…oh my!

*Guided Visualization Recordings

*Daily and weekly homework and action items

*An online group to be in touch, get feedback, support and best practices from me and your cohort

*Resources and opportunities to go in more depth when and where you want


> > Admit that just because it looks really damn good on the outside doesn’t mean that it feels good or is good for YOU…it’s a great life, it just isn’t your life

> > Unlearn a whole bunch of crap that you were taught that got you here, and see that what got you to this level of success isn’t what is going to get you to the next one

> > Understand how to get out of paralysis and make authentic decisions with ease…for all of life, for good

> > Clear out all the crap that isn’t working for you anymore…

> > Figure out what the hell it is that you really want anyways

> > Then, we’ll make it happen systematically and with accountability

> > Rinse, wash, repeat… aka, how to sustain this change so you never have to ask this question again!


Sounds effing amazing, right? Look out, Spring 2019!

Over 8 weeks, get ready for real hardcore AF transformation, my friend. We’re talking soup to nuts transformation. But not just talk, results. Talk AND walk. Big changes the whole world can see. Small adjustments that only those closest to you will notice, and subtle inner shifts that only the deepest parts of you will recognize. Immediate, powerful change, and long-term, sustainable life  transformation.

Your job is only to sign up and show up. (In your PJs. On your couch, mind you!) It’s gonna feel uncomfortable at times, because, well, change. BUT, I promise you will look back and wonder what took you so long to start.


 We’re back Spring 2019.

Let that sink in.

You do not have to do this alone.

In fact, why the hell would you? You can, I’m sure, because you’re you and you’re here in the first place, but it will take a lot longer and be a hell of a lot more painful solo. Trust me, I tried. Lesson 1: stop making your life harder than it needs to be. Please. Just stop now. This course will give you exclusive access to an online community of other like-minded people–your tribe!–the other under fulfilled overachievers, who have also had enough of their work and their lives draining them instead of filling them up, of living by shoulds instead of wants, and are doing the hard work to build lives they love living.

And I’m going to be there with you, too, every damn step of the way.

Consider this a down payment on the rest of your life.

Real talk, tho. This is as close to a “magic pill” of fulfillment as you’re going to get. Trust me, I tried it all. For years. (You’ll get to hear all about that in this course!)

This is a serious deal, kids. This is the cost of a single private session with me. Here, you get 8+ hours of me, and you still get the benefit from *all* of the frameworks and tools in my methodology. Skip a couple of Blue Bottle coffee stops (and I never advise skipping coffee, so you know this is for reals). Use your tax refund! This is worth way more than the 4 jumpsuits and the mules from Zara that are chilling in your shopping cart. Happy Birthday, or Merry Christmas, or Happy Labor Day to you!! Whatever you gotta tell yourself. You cannot afford to miss this.


Hate to break it to you, but you just didn’t wind up on this page by accident.

                          If you’re here and still reading, this is for you.



“After being in a career funk for 2 years and trying and willing my brain to reason through why this could be, the WTF course has truly been transformational in grounding me and giving me the toolset to step into my most authentic, powerful self that I’m meant to be and to sustain that girl moving forward.” –Deborah, Tech Exec

“This course just effing works!! Period.” -Colette, CEO

“Megan makes the coursework extremely easy to digest, and has a great ability for taking complex concepts and presenting them in an approachable way. She also completely empathizes with how hard this journey is, and it’s almost as though she anticipated all the various challenges I encountered along the way which made me feel supported throughout the course.” -Megan, Tech Exec

                                                                                                    “A Godsend.” –Brea, Hospitality exec

“I love how meaty this course is. It is the opposite of woo woo fluff. It is pure gold. “-Andrew, Professor

“I am loving the work and what I am learning about myself. Megan is so wonderfully talented and I am so grateful to have her guidance in my life!” -Asia, Brand and Product Strategy Consultant

“This program is invigorating, thoughtful, and insightful. Would love to do it all over again!” -Stephanie, Senior Art Director