My Top 10 Tips for Building a Career You Love

1) Learn self-mastery (how to navigate and work with your mind), so that you can get out of your own way and not sabotage your own success. Most of us didn't get a user's manual on being human upon arrival in the world. Our brains are incredible tools, but they...

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“Impostor Syndrome”: It’s Not A Fact of Life

Have you heard of  “impostor syndrome”? Whether you have or not, you have probably experienced it! And it's everywhere! Even out in the wild of Manhattan. I overheard this conversation on the subway and it really got me thinking: Ms. A: “How’s your impostor syndrome...

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HAYWALTs: How Are You Walking Around Like That?

  HAYWALTs he leaking faucet and the sound of the dripping water that just drives you mad, but you think shouldn't bother you. That piece of heinous furniture that you've had forever, always hated, swore you would get rid of just as soon as you settled into your...

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